Fox at Refugio Dickson, Torres del Paine National Park [Chile].

Two seagulls madly in love at Estancia Haberton, Tierra del Fuego [Argentina].

A curious littl owl near Lago Deseado, Tierra del Fuego [Chile].

Butterfly feeding on the forest ground in Parque Estadual Serra Azul, Barra do Garças [Brazil].

Caterpillars on a feeding frenzy, Barra do Garças [Brazil].

Peculiar and extremely white caterpillar at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Alta Floresta [Brazil].

Dragonfly taking a rest and soaking up sunrays at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Alta Floresta [Brazil].

Pelicans searching for the best spot on a rock on Lobita beach [Chile].

Colorful fluffs denote the llamas' ownership on Salar de Huasco [Chile].

Fading light is reflecting on the anaconda's skin in Cayenne [French Guiana].

Sloth with baby climbing a tree on the Rorota trail, Cayenne [French Guiana].

A soldier ant is batteling the wind in Cayenne [French Guiana].

Leatherback hatchling waddling to sea on Montjoly beach [French Guiana].

The cayman is no stranger in Bigi Pan [Suriname].